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Time Attendance and Access Control

The definition of employee management can be very diverse, but one thing is certain – time and attendance plays a major role. Every company has two fronts to its business – the customer-facing one and the employee-facing one. The workforce is the heart of the business, and reporting on their attendance is crucial to a successful business. So, what exactly is time and absence reporting? It’s essential to keep track of every employee in your organization.

Time Attendance systems use biometric fingerprinting to verify the identity of employees and visitors. This is done by placing a hand or palm on a scanner, which records the fingerprint. This allows you to confirm or deny access to people based on their biometrics. Face recognition has been around for a while as well. A machine scans a person’s face and recognizes the most distinguishing features. A time attendance system will use a special card for each unique person and will record their entry and exit times. In addition to keeping track of employee time, they can be used in many other areas of the business, such as in hotels, restaurants, offices, and other facilities where employees come and go.

Time and attendance software will allow you to track employee hours, and will often provide web-based punching and a schedule for your employees. A time and attendance system will also accommodate your company’s needs, including payroll and scheduling. Besides time tracking, these systems will generate employee schedules and manage PTO and time off requests. Some will even report location of clock-in and clock-out. This will enable you to make better decisions for your business.

A time and attendance system will ensure that employees are in their places of work. It will keep track of their start and end times and record their hours. A time and attendance software solution should also allow you to see who is late or absent, which will help you manage your employees more effectively. A good time and attendance management system will help you avoid the problems that are common among remote employees. If you’re unsure of how to use time and attendance software, consider the benefits.

Apart from managing employee hours, time and attendance software will help you control costs associated with special projects. You will be able to allocate time more efficiently, which is especially important for companies that have high turnover of staff. It will also allow you to track the quality of work performed by employees. This way, you can keep an eye on employee performance. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a software that does not work.

A time and attendance system is an indispensable tool for any organization. It is necessary for employers to keep track of employees’ working hours, and it can also be used to control access to particular areas. Using a time and attendance system can be a great way to keep track of employees. The benefits can be enormous for any business. The best time and attendance software is affordable and easy to use. There are many different types of time and attendance solutions available, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

How Time Attendance Can Help You Manage Your Resources

The concept of time attendance is not new. It is a way for businesses to ensure the productivity of employees and keep track of their time. Service industry workers, such as bartenders, waitresses, and security guards, are required to know when their shift is over, so they need a reliable way to keep track of their hours. Many of these workers are not familiar with the concept of time attendance. Therefore, they often use a time-clock-less system that allows them to leave the work area without being noticed. Some organizations also use time attendance machines to track the attendance of meetings and training sessions. Some are computerized, but others are still paper-based.

Another application of time attendance is in the field of manufacturing. It allows businesses to keep track of how long it takes employees to complete each task. It can also be used to monitor the productivity of employees. This tool is very useful for businesses with remote workers, as it ensures smooth communication and ensures that employees remain productive and healthy. To learn more about how time attendance can help you improve your business, check out our article! How Time Attendance Can Help You Manage Your Resources

A time and attendance system should be flexible. Most of the software available for small and medium-sized companies has a simple user interface. However, if you are looking for more advanced features, you can opt for a more complicated solution like UKG. It is a merger of two major companies, Kronos and Ultimate Group, and is the most comprehensive time and attendance system. You can also choose a more expensive option, but this is overkill for a small business.

An employee time and attendance system can be useful in the workplace if you need to keep track of the working hours and productivity of your employees. This type of system allows you to see how much time each employee spends at work, and how much time they are using it. In addition, you can track employee absences and productivity using these systems. As a result, your business can maximize its profitability and make the most of its staff. With this technology, it can be easy for employers to track the time and attendance of their employees.

A time and attendance system helps track employee time and attendance records. It tracks the number of hours an employee works, and also keeps track of the breaks they take. It can also keep track of absenteeism and other problems related to the working hours of the employees. This type of software is useful in various areas of life. For example, if you work from home, you can set the machine to remind you to take a break during your workday.

This type of software can track the time of your employees and ensure that they’re doing their work properly. Using such software can be beneficial for businesses of any size, but it’s even more useful for small businesses. Despite its simplicity, time and attendance tracking systems can also help companies reduce the risk of overpaying their employees and maintain labor regulations. So, if you’re an employer, time and attendance are very important to your success.

Time Attendance & Access Control Bangladesh

It takes a lot of time to become and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so whenever you have a spare moment, you should check and see if you are spending life the way you want to. This is where the Time Attendance Machine comes into play. It is a beautiful, lightweight and easy-to-use device that uses sensors to monitor the time you spend in your everyday activities.

It is a machine that records an employee’s working hours and calculate and display their time attendance. We have so many different access control systems and technologies that it is hard to decide which one to use. Which system should I use? What if I need to update the system? Should I use an auto-locking system? This article will help you understand and choose the best system for the way you do things and the way you think about things.

What Is Time Attendance

Time attendance is a process where a timekeeper counts the number of people who enter and exit a facility. It is used to measure the time an individual spent in the facility and for billing purposes.

A public organization is a collective of people who are working to accomplish a common goal. The members of a public organization are not necessarily related but they must share a common purpose. A public organization must have a definite purpose or goal, and the members must determine how to achieve it.

How Time Attendance Helps You

Time attendance is a system that you can use to record the time you spend working on a project, and how long you work on each step of the process. It is a system that you can use to have a record of all your time, and a record of how much time you spend on each specific task. It is a way to have essential data about the projects that you are working on.

Are you or someone you know struggling with a problem at work, school or at home? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do? When you are stuck in a rut, it is easy to feel like you are on a treadmill you can’t stop. If you need help turning the treadmill off, all you need to do is get off. The great thing about time attendance is that it allows you to stop and take a break from the struggle.

Time Attendance Bangladesh

Time Attendance Bangladesh Sales Fingerprint-Time Attendance System, high-performance fingerprint time attendance machine that can be connected to a computer via a USB or TCP/IP cable. It can be connected to cloud software and mobile apps for attendance management. Our most popular biometric fingerprint time attendance device System provides accurate and detailed time attendance data to your business or office. The biometric security system helps employees to work in real time and prevents them from clocking each other out or in. Your payroll management will be simplified by linking attendance data to our Bangladeshi timesheet program. For companies that have more than one Bangladeshi location, fingerprint attendance and time can be used easily.

A security strategy that allows a place to see, use, or control another place is called an access control device. Another use of the access control device is attendance access control. These safety devices are available in many places, including offices, schools, banks, and schools-colleges. They can provide security for all types work. Access control is dependent on many factors. It’s important to be aware of this.

Time Attendance Bangladesh Sales Fingerprint-Time Attendance System, high-performance fingerprint time attendance machine that can be connected to a computer via a USB or TCP/IP cable. It can be connected to cloud software and mobile apps for attendance management. Our most popular biometric fingerprint time attendance device System provides accurate and detailed time attendance data to your business or office. The biometric security system helps employees to work in real time and prevents them from clocking each other out or in. Your payroll management will be simplified by linking attendance data to our Bangladeshi timesheet program. For companies that have more than one Bangladeshi location, fingerprint attendance and time can be used easily.

While time and attendance systems are beneficial for businesses, homes, and offices in many ways, it can be difficult choosing the right one. This is the complete guide to finding a time attendance system in 2021. Time Attendance Bangladesh Sales. Import, Distribute, and Original time attendance system devices in Bangladesh. We can be reached by calling or emailing us.

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Time Attendance Bangladesh

Access Control in Bangladesh

If you want to have the highest level of security in your premises, then you should consider installing an access control system. This technology will protect your building from theft and accidents because only authorized personnel will have access to certain parts of the building. In addition to controlling the access to restricted areas, the system can help you prevent frauds. There are many types of access control systems in the market. It is important to choose the best one for your premises.

One of the most popular options in Access Control Bangladesh is the Parking Barrier bd. It has a boom that prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering the premises. A linkage between the gate and remote controller raises and lowers the boom. It also has a pressure wave sensor. Access Control in Bangladesh,  If there is a hindrance while the boom is lowering, the barrier will automatically raise itself. As it is possible to operate the parking barrier by fingerprints, it also has high security.

Another type of access control system is Tripod System & Flap Barrier systems. These are embedded electronic systems that track employee or user time. Both time attendance and access control are important components in a secure building. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA can help you with both of these technologies. We can help you manage your building’s security by setting criteria for access and ensuring that only the right people have access to certain areas. This way, you can ensure that your property is protected from any kind of theft or burglary.

Advantages Of Using Access Control

There are many advantages of utilizing access control. One of the main advantages of security access control is that it can be utilized to keep out unwanted intruders. This is especially invaluable when you want to keep out strangers who are not invited to the premises. The fact that the security access control will also alert you if you are being watched is a very useful feature.

Door access control is one of the most crucial and widely used security solutions, especially in commercial buildings. It can be used to protect any kind of buildings or facilities. It can even be used to protect your personal property. This security feature is widely used in commercial buildings, public facilities, private homes, and even universities and schools.

Advantages Of Using Time Attendance

Time attendance is a way to record the time that you spend on different activities. There are different types of time attendance: for the purpose of record keeping, you can make a note in a diary or in a spreadsheet. The most famous is the clock in the computer software, which allows you to record the time spent on different activities. The best known of these time attendance programs is Microsoft Excel. It allows you to track the time spent on different activities (work, studies, rest, etc). Drawback of this is that it’s hard to get to the right figures since the time doesn’t record the exact time spent, but only a number that represents the amount of time spent. There is the option to add extra columns to the excel sheet that

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is a company that offers solutions for time attendance in large companies, with a special focus on increasing the productivity of employees and reducing the number of mistakes, as well as increasing the company’s income.

Different Types Of Access Control Devices

Access control systems are used to regulate access to buildings or areas. Access control systems can be divided in various ways. In the simplest form one could divide the system into two categories. The first category, called physical access control systems, will allow access only if a valid entry card or key is used. The second category, called logical access control, can be subdivided into several different types of access control. The advantage of logical access control systems is that they can be used as part of a larger system. For example, a hospital can use a set of logical access control systems to regulate access to locations such as the emergency room, operating rooms, or intensive care unit.

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is of utmost importance for businesses and organization to make use of the latest technologies. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring the security of their property and assets. In the world of access control, there are a number of different ways to secure your property and assets. Some of these are discussed below.

ZKTeco, Virdi, Hundure, Anviz & Hikvision is the most common devices of Access Control in Bangladesh. Which is Fingerprint, Face Detection & RFID card Supported. We Supply & Install all types of Access Control in Bangladesh.

ZKTEco Access Control Price in Bangladesh

Latest Model

Latest Price (BDT)

ZKTeco K40


ZKteco K60


ZKTeco F18




F21 Lite




iClock 9000-G




Different Types Of Time Attendance Devices

If you use time attendance devices at work, you will need to know the difference between a wristband, a badge, and a PDA. Each has different uses. Wristbands allow employees to show time cards to supervisors and co-workers. Badges are for supervisors to verify employee attendance. Although employers can also use PDA’s to check employee attendance, they are also used more often for time cards than badges.

If you work in a service industry, you have to know when your shifts are over. This includes workers in service-oriented jobs, such as waitresses, bartenders, and security guards. But, what if you don’t want to clock in and out at your desk? What if you want to stay out for a while with friends or coworkers? That’s what time-clock-less attendance systems are for!

The Most Common Types Of Time Attendance Machine

Time attendance machines are a very important tool for keeping track of attendance at meetings, training sessions, and more. Most are computerized, but some use handheld devices, while others use paper. This section discusses the most commonly available types of time attendance machines.

The most common types of clocks use a common type of movement to show the time. In the world of watches, we have heard the names of the following types of movements: Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic and Battery-operated and a few others. In this article we will see the different types of clocks and their movements.

Every workplace has a time and attendance machine, and they’re a necessary part of any organization. Whether you’re checking in and out of the office, keeping track of a worker’s hours, or tracking individual ones, there’s no better way to keep track of all the hours per day that an employee spends doing work.

What kind of clocks do you have in your workplace? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bunch of clocks that display the time, one that shows the date, and a digital clock on your cellphone. But you’re missing something: a clock that moves.

How To Sync The Time Attendance Machine Data

The main reason why these devices are so useful is that they are time attendance system that enable remote, wireless time attendance throughout the workday. These devices can record the start and end of the workday, and as long as the employee has a working internet connection, they will transmit the data to the designated location when they leave their desk.

An employee of TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA, the company that provides the software for the Time Attendance department of the local school board, is tasked with managing and syncing the clocks in their office.

As a time-tracking and time-sheet software company, we get many questions from customers about how to synchronize the clocks in their organization with the local standard time in their region.

Advantages Of Using Time Clocks Attendance Machine

The world has advanced with technology and came up with many innovative ways of using the time-clock facility. It has proved to be the most reliable way to keep track of employees in office and it also provides us with a lot of advantages.

There are many advantages of a time clock system, the most common ones include: 1. It improves the productivity of the employees. 2. It reduces the probability for the loss of timecard. 3. It improves the accountability of the employees. 4. The best thing about time clocks is that they are very easy to operate.

If you are working with a company that uses time clocks then you must know how important time clocks are. There are various companies that provide time clocks for their staff. However, there are many companies that don’t use time clocks and that’s why it is necessary to know the advantages of using time clocks.

When school started last fall, time clocks were used to register teachers and students at the start of the day, and time in the cafeteria and between classes. Now, the same technology is being used to register students at the end of the day, and to record how much time is spent in each class. In the end, the technology will help teachers and school administrators know how much time students are spending, and whether they are meeting their individual learning goals.

Hundure Access Control Price in Bangladesh

Hundure Latest Model

Latest Price

Hundure RAC-960PE 

14,500 Taka

Hundure RAC-960PEF 

22,000 Taka

Hundure HTA-830 

12,500 Taka

Hundure HTA-500PEF 

16,500 Taka

How To Use A Card Reader

There are a variety of ways to get your work done. Some people prefer to have a personal assistant who sorts out all their routine tasks for them, while others prefer to do it all themselves. Whatever the case, there is no denying how convenient it can be to always use a card reader with your mobile phone. Unlike a laptop or desktop computer, you can carry the card reader with you wherever you go. Once you have it on your phone, all that’s left to do is connect it to the smartphone and you’re all set.

Ever tried to scan a credit card with your phone? It can be a pain. You might have to tilt the phone awkwardly, or hold it in an awkward position to get it to read. Usually, you have to plug it into your computer to download the data, which can take a while. So, how do you use a card reader?

How To Use A Card And Clock Together?

What is the most basic feature of any office equipment? The clock, of course. So, why is it so hard to keep clocks and cards together? It’s not, but it can be if you follow these simple steps.

With the advancements in technology, we have the ability to find out the exact time and date, which allow us to schedule the activities we are going to do at that time. But recently we have been seeing our clocks replacing their typical function. Companies such as NUVI have been producing Smart Watches which come with the capabilities to show the time and date, some even have the capabilities of showing weather, and lastly GPS systems. And now you can even get clocks which can show the events in your life and even play music.

Anviz Access Control Price in Bangladesh:

ModelLatest Price
Anviz T60 Pro19,800
Anviz W2 Pro16,850
Anviz FacePass 727,000
Anviz VF30 Pro17,500
Anviz P723,000

How To Use A Biometric Fingerprint Reader?

So, you want to improve your onsite security and gain access to your computer system. The first thing you need to do is get access to a biometric fingerprint reader. The fingerprint scanner is a security measure that is used to access computer systems and other digital devices that have biometric access control. Technically, the biometric fingerprint reader is a device that uses a mechanical or digital mechanism to scan and store your fingerprint which is then compared to a stored template. This device is used to verify the identity of the person who is accessing the system.

Today, biometric technology is being used to help keep track of employees, allow access to secure areas, and even authenticate payments. What if you could use this technology to make a person’s time attendance truly and accurately reflect their whereabouts? For example, what if you could have a deterrent installed at the entrance of an office that would only open to a person who has marked time in a designated location?

How To Use A Bar Code Scanner?

Resources like the barcode scanner are a great way to standardize time in the office and increase productivity. The problem is that today’s barcode scanners are so easy to use that many people give them a try, only to find that they’re not very good at reading. The reason is simple: most barcode scanners are designed to read two lines of barcodes. This means they can only read up to 255 characters at a time, which is only enough to scan a small number of commonly used barcodes. The result? Barcode scanners suck at reading all sorts of time stamps, including Electronic Product Code (EPC) barcodes, PDF barcodes, and even QR code barcodes

Bar code scanners are tools that are utilized in large numbers of places throughout the world. Their purpose is to track inventory, record bar code data on printed materials, and read bar codes on various objects and surfaces. Bar code scanners are especially useful for tracking inventory, as they provide a very easy method for recording information and storing data. The more experienced bar code scanner users are in identifying the various types of bar code data.

Access control system price in Bangladesh

Top Latest Access control system price in Bangladesh (BD)
No.Latest Model
Latest Price (BDT)
1ZKTeco uFace80022,500
2ZKteco K606,800
3ZKTeco F189,800
5ZKTeco K405,500

How To Use A Card And Clock And Biometric Reader Together?

One of the biggest challenges we as humans face each day is time. Whether you are at work, with friends, or at home, there constantly is a need to keep track of the time. This is where the use of a card and clock time attendance solution comes in handy.

There are two types of solutions that you can use to monitor time and attendance: hardware and software. Hardware includes using biometric readers, such as hand-held devices that can read your fingerprints from your left hand, or even your foot prints. The most popular biometric readers are the ones that are used to read your fingerprint.

How to do “In” and “Out” Time on a Time Attendance system

Is it still effective to do “in” and “out” time? Most employers use time clocks to track employees’ time and pay them for it, and also to calculate their hours of work. Many people feel that this is the best way to manage time, but is it? If you feel that time clocks are good for you, read on to find out how you can use ‘in’ and ‘out’ time in your business to your advantage.

There’s a new trend in the world of time management. Whiteboards and scratch pads are now being used to manage your time. The concept is simple. Instead of traditional timesheets, you “In” and “Out” your time.

How to do a “Check” on a Fingerprint Time Attendance system

In the world of time attendance, the quality of the documentation is as important as the quality of the device itself. If you can’t understand how a device works, you can’t be sure that it is working correctly. That is why we offer a check in-house service, where we come to your premises and do a “Fingerprint” check on your system and its components, so you can rest assured that everything is working properly.

An “on-site” time attendance system is a device that can record the time of the person who logs in or out of the workplace. The time taken by the employee to do such tasks will be recorded. The information will be used for future reference to enable the employer to pay the employee’s wages only once in a month or even once in a week. So, if the employee is given a weekly stipend and the employer gives him a time card, the employer will have the details of how much money has been paid to the employee and how much is still left.

How to do “Away” Time on a Time Attendance system

When it comes to time off, we all have our favorite ways to spend it. Some of us like to enjoy the great outdoors, others like to relax at home with friends and family, and for others, it’s the number one thing that we need to do at least once every few days. In this case, if you work for a company that is on-site throughout the year, you know exactly how to properly use the time off you’re entitled to, but what about the weekends?

You’re probably aware that employees are required to clock in and out at the end of the workday, but what happens when you want to do something that falls outside the normal 8 hour workday? For example, going out to dinner with friends, or taking a quick vacation. You can use your computer to clock in your hours, but how can you clock in vacation time? How can you know how many hours you have left?

Top Best RFID Access Control system Price in Bangladesh (BD)

RFID Attendance ModelPrice in BD
Couns RFID Access Control৳ 3,000
ZKTeco SC-105 Attendance & Access Control৳ 7,500
Hundure RAC-960PE Access Control & Time Attendance৳ 15,000
ZKTeco ProID10 RFID৳ 2,200

How to do a “Break” on a Time Attendance system

I’m sure you’ve been to a job where you’ve had to clock in/out, but you’ve never really thought about how they do it. You’ve probably just accepted it as the way it is. The truth is, there are many ways to do it, but you should know which one is best for you, and I can help you choose.

There are two types of time attendance: (1) Time Attendance System (TAS) is where there is a specific predetermined time limit in which a person is supposed to show up at the place of his business. On the contrary, (2) Time Attendance System (TAS) is where there is not a specific predetermined time limit in which a person is supposed to show up at the place of his business. On the contrary, TAS is the system which is used to keep track of the present time of various employees. The time of the employee is recorded in the form of a time card and this record is used to keep track of the present time of various employees.

How to do “Resets” on a Time Attendance system

TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is an electronic timekeeper Supplier in which is possible to record attendance for each employee, as it allows to receive and manage data in a structured manner, work with different data types (text, images) by means of different templates and adorn the data visibility to the employee and the supervisor.

Contact us today for buy your time attendance device.

ZKTeco Attendance Machine price in Bangladesh

Top Latest ZKTeco Attendance Machine price in Bangladesh (BD)
No.Latest Model
Latest Price (BDT)
1ZKTeco uFace 80022,500
2ZKteco K606,800
3ZKTeco F189,800
4ZKTeco F1912,000
5ZKTeco K405,500
8ZKTeco uFace90225,500

Access Control Systems Provider in Bangladesh

A well-functioning access control system is of great importance for a business. It allows you to control who is allowed into a building or area. It also reduces the risk of theft and accidents. With the help of an access control system, employees can be easily identified and given proper access to a facility. It is also convenient to use and can be operated by employees of the company. This article discusses some of the advantages of access control in Bangladesh.

Access control is an important security measure. It controls the access of people to assets. The best security system manages the access of all those who need to access assets. There are several factors involved in securing a business. A Time Attendance System is an essential component of business security, and without it, a Time Attendance System or an effective access control system, these measures can be ineffective. This article will provide some tips on how to choose the right access control system for your business.

There are many benefits to access control. It can reduce the costs of business partners, and it helps keep workers safe and secure. There are several types of access control systems, and is a great resource for selecting the right ones. This information can help you make a decision based on your needs. You can also purchase RFID-enabled cards, fingerprint verification, or face recognition systems, depending on your business’ needs. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the Leading Access Control System Provider in Bangladesh.

Digital Attendance machine price in Bangladesh

Top Latest Digital Attendance machine price in Bangladesh (BD)
No.Latest Model
Latest Price (BDT)
1ZKTeco uFace 800 Plus22,500
2ZKTeco uFace 30223,500
3Virdi AC2100 Plus21,000

What to Look For in an Access Control System Supplier in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The most important thing to look for in an Access Control System Supplier in Uttara is flexibility. An access control system should support all methods of access, so that you can easily upgrade them in the future. An open platform that allows for easy integration with other systems is the best choice. It should be able to connect with different applications, which can centralize processes and streamline processes in different locations. The best solutions will also support native integrations with other systems.

An access control supplier in Uttara should be able to provide a wide range of solutions. Anviz offers a face recognition solution called FacePass 7. The company also provides a variety of other options. If you’re looking for a more complex system, they offer the latest technology. A comprehensive range of systems can be found at Anviz. You can choose from a complete range of products, ranging from basic access control solutions to more advanced ones.

Real-time data is essential to improving security and reducing response times. A good access control system will provide real-time information and be able to automatically send alerts to a mobile device. The best systems will also export detailed reports and audit trails. This is useful in case of an incident or a security breach, and is often required by compliance standards. If you’re looking for an Access Control System Supplier in Uttara, look for a company that has years of experience in the industry. TRIMATRIK MULTIMEDIA is the trusted supplier from Uttara, Dhaka.

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