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IP PA System Bangladesh (01785-777722, 0185-3330354)

IP PA System Bangladesh IP PA SYSTEM SOFTWARE OF 67, 77 & 78 SERIES ITC:  T-6700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software ITC:  T-7700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software ITC:   T-7800A IP Network PA & Intercom System Controller (I3) IP PA SYSTEM NETWORK PAGING MICROPHONE OF 67 / 77 SERIES ITC:  T-6702 […]

GPRS Attendance Device BD

GPRS Attendance Device (01785-777722, 0185-3330341)

gprs attendance device bd iClock9000-G User Capacity 6,000 Fingerprint Capacity 6,000 ID Card Capacity 6,000 Record Capacity 200,000 Display 2.8-inch TFT Screen Communication TCP/IP, USB-Host, GPRS, Wi-Fi (Optional) , 3G (Optional) Standard Functions SMS, DTS, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 Input, Photo ID, Multiverification, 12V Output, RS232 Printer (Optional Cable), ADMS, 2,600 mAh […]

Time and attendance device

Time and attendance device price in Bangladesh

Time and attendance device price in Bangladesh,  ZKTeco iClock360 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal with Adapter ■User 10,000 ■Fingerprint Capacity 8,000 ■ID Card Capacity 10,000 ■Log Capacity 2,00,000 ■Display 3.5-inch Screen ■TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB ZKTeco S922 Shockproof Portable Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal with Adapter ■User 50,000 ■Fingerprint Capacity 50,000 ■ID Card Capacity 50,000 ■Log Capacity 800,000 […]

ZKteco K60 Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal

Fingerprint attendance machine price in Bangladesh

Fingerprint attendance machine price in Bangladesh ZKTECO K50A K40 SF300 ■Fingerprint Capacity 3000 ■ID Card Capacity 3000 ■Log Capacity 1,00,000 ■3.0-inch TFT Screen, Webserver; TCP/IP, USB Details: ■Fingerprint Capacity 1,000 ■ID Card Capacity 1,000 ■Log Capacity 80,000 ■2000 mAh Battery Details: ■Fingerprint Capacity 1,500, ID Card 5,000 ■Log Capacity 80,000 ■2000 mAh Battery ■2.8-inch TFT Screen […]

83qf j1aua8 | Access Control & Time Attendance Bangladesh

REALTIME RS20 (Digital Hazira | ডিজিটাল হাজিরা ) Fingerprint Time Attendance (GPRS)

REALTIME RS20 (digital Hazira | ডিজিটাল হাজিরা ) Fingerprint Capacity 3000, attendance Recorder online in Bangladesh at wholesale rates. If you have been looking for REALTIME RS20 (Digital Hazira) 3000 Fingerprint Capacity Attendance Recorder distributor, your search ends here as you can get the best REALTIME RS20 3000. Digital Hazira or ডিজিটাল হাজিরা we distribute […]

Timmy TM60 Bangladesh Trimatrik Timmy Bangladesh | Access Control & Time Attendance Bangladesh

Timmy TM-60 (GPRS) ATTENDANCE Machine (01785-777722)

Timmy TM-60 GPRS GPRS / SIM  Supported Enroll user directly on the device Stand-alone, export data via USB flash drive Export data to Excel (multiple commonly used formats) Ease of use User capacity:   3,000 Transaction Storage:    200,000 Verification Mode:    1:N, 1:1 FAR:    <0.0001% FRR:    <0.01% Response Time:    ≤0.8s Alarm […]

Context Plus Conventional Smoke Detector

Context Plus Smoke Detector Context plus conventional photo-electric smoke detector fire siren has flashing LED, fire alarm indication clear LED, red in fire alarm, supply voltage 9 to 33V, average stand-by current at 24V 45uA, ambient temperature 32 to 100°F.   CALL for PRICE   [porto_recent_products view=”grid”]

Timmy Bangladesh

Timmy Bangladesh Timmy TM52 GPRS Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Time Recording: Fingerprint / password / card identification, 3000 fingerprint capacity, TCP / IP, RS485 / USB line / USB pen driver communication, IC / GPRS / Wifi / 3G / 4G optional functions backup battery, DC9V voltage, standalone or online, 2.8 TFT color LCD display, WG26/34 […]

Timmy TM60 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Controller

Color LCD display, 3000 user capacity, 200000 transaction storage, keep data for 3 Years without current, TCP / IP RS485 USB U-disk communication, embedded alarm clock, single access control function, time / ID number / name show, fingerprint / password, EM card support, turn off device automatically for saving, 0℃-45℃ / 20%-80% temperature and humidity.

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