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Active tags is relative to the deactivated tags. They can be understand as a living tag. A living tag is able to trigger alarm when it pass through the detection filed of EAS antennas installed on the exit of retail store. But a deactivated tag can’t trigger alarm again.

There are many types of EAS tags. Classified by material, there are soft paper tags and plastic hard tags. In most cases, the hard tag are reusable, and the paper tag is for one time use. (Vikson develops a new reusable EAS labels in both 8.2Mhz and 58Khz).

When a consumer takes goods with disposable EAS labels to the cash desk, the clerk will take the EAS deactivator to scan the EAS label and ensuring it is deactivated. After that the label cannot trigger alarm again.

There seems no difference during the deactivation processes in different frequencies of tags, but the technical principles of them are complete in difference.

For a disposable RF label, the deactivator will take high voltage to make the circuit burned. Then the labels can’t be re-active anyhow.

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