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Time Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Fingerprint Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Every company needs to keep an attendance record of the employees. In the old days, companies used to use pen-paper and registry books to keep tabs, but in this 21st century, there are lots and lots of state of the art solutions, and fingerprint attendance machines are the most used ones among them. Today we are gonna take a dive into the fingerprint attendance machine price in Bangladesh, what are the best options in a budget, and the must-have features in fingerprint attendance machines.

Fingerprint Attendance Machines: Reason Behind Popularity

The main reason fingerprint scanners in the attendance purpose became so much popular is the most important of them all – security. The closest alternative to the biometric fingerprint or iris scanner or face recognition machines is the RFID card reader. The main problem with the RFID card reader for attendance and access control is that anyone can lose their card, or purposefully give them to another person. This purpose could be as little as just tempering with attendance data or something very serious, like giving access to outside people.

When it comes to biometric attendance and access control machines, the fingerprint readers are almost or equally secured to face recognition devices or iris scanners, but they have a way low price point. A person’s fingerprint data cannot be used by another person, therefore the fingerprint attendance machine cannot be bypassed or tampered with.

A fingerprint attendance machine records attendance and gives access to only the employees or selected persons for the office premises or any closed or restricted section of the office.

Fingerprint Attendance Machines: What To Look For?

To choose the best fingerprint attendance machine for your company, you need to look for certain features and also the price point to suit your company’s needs and costs.

High User Limit

For a biometric attendance machine, you need to go for an option that has a higher user capacity or a high limit of users. When you run a company, it is going to expand eventually. If you go for a biometric attendance system that has a really small and limited user capacity, you will need to purchase a new one when the business grows.


Identification Time

Gather data on how long it takes for the fingerprint attendance system to read the fingerprint and register the data on the system and be prepared to read the next fingerprint. If the device takes a long time, it should be avoided because, on the office starting or closing time, many employees will give their fingerprint for attendance. If the device is slow to read and register, the employees will have to wait and this will result in loss of work time.


There are some cheap options in the fingerprint attendance machines market, which look good at first glance but slowly with just a little time, they stop working. In most cases, these low-quality machines lose the ability to read the fingerprint correctly or register, or sometimes they mess up with the time and date. In many cases, the device just malfunctioned completely.  You should always go for reputed brands like ZKteco for their good quality machines. Top and reputed brands almost never compromise with their quality and build durable and rugged designs and products.


Access Control

This is a must for any biometric attendance system. Whether it is a fingerprint attendance machine or face recognition or iris scanner, the machine needs to be connected to the lock and only the registered and authorized persons or employees can access the premises or the workspace.

This allows for the employees to access their work easily and for the company, they can do 2 tasks with one machine.

Internet Connectivity

The fingerprint attendance machine needs to be able to connect to the internet either by wire or with wifi. This internet connectivity will ensure that the employer or authorized personnel can check for attendance or access records while sitting anywhere in the world and be assured about proper attendance records and access control.

Company Support

Company support plays a vital role while choosing the best fingerprint attendance machine for your company. Despite functioning properly there could be cases while you face any issue with the machine or the system and that issue needs to be solved, and you might need expert assistance at that time. For ensuring proper company support and warranty, you should always go with options from reputed brands such as ZKteco, who are known for their customer satisfaction and good after-sales service.

Fingerprint Attendance Machine Price in BD

ZKteco BD is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh in biometric security systems. ZKteco global has services and branches all around the world, and they are selling their top quality products in Bangladesh for several years now.

ZKteco Fingerprint Attendance Machines range from 6,800 BDT all the way up to 23,500 with the b­­­enefit of wifi, face ID, and many more.

Time Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Time Attendance Machines range from 7,500 BDT all the way up to 75,000 with the b­­­enefit of wifi, face ID, and many more.