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Tripod Turnstile Gate Importer in Bangladesh

Tripod Turnstile Gate Importer in Bangladesh

  • Need 30 Days for Delivery

Smooth and silent running performance

Minimal power consumption

Attractive, stylish design

Comfortable passage thanks to servo positioning drive

Space-saving variants available

Barrier-free solutions with automatic swing doors in matching design

Also suitable for emergency and escape routes when combined with swing doors

A wide range of design options

Behaviour when currentless can be defined

Variable unit heights up to 980 mm


Product Name
Tripod Turnstile
Model No
Cabinet material
304 Staintless Steel
Passage width
Pass speed
over 30 persons/min
Power supply
220~240 V(AC)
Max power consumption
50~60 mhz
Pass speed
IP Protection
Working temperature
-35~+70 °C
Working environments
indoor /outdoor

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●Matt finished housing surface, dustproof and rainproof design for outdoor use.

●Durable DC brushless motor, highly integrated mechanism, 100% heavy duty operation.

●Drop arm when power off, raise arm automatically when power on.

●Compatible with other access control system.

●Convenient installation and maintenance.





●Office building



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